The Least Dangerous To-Do List

Get stuff done

Check things off.

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From the makers of The Most Dangerous Writing App comes

The Least Dangerous To-Do List

The satisfaction of checking things off your to-do list, without any of the hard work.

Every day, you get six random, decidedly low-effort tasks that you're probably going to do anyway.

Feel OK about not flossing
Charge your phone
Send a selfie to a parent
Don't think about Trump
Eat something that isn't brown
Wear matching socks

Adding To-Dos

No more thinking about what to do

Unlike most literally all other to-do lists, you can't even add your own tasks. Not for cheap, anyway.

Feeling overwhelmed

May or may not improve quality of life

We don't want to overpromise, but some tasks are actually good for you and will make you despise yourself slightly less.

Doing stuff

Engineered for max dopamine release

We have nothing to back up this statement, but it feels true. Like, so good you'll actually want to do some of your chores. Maybe.

Because some days, we can't either.

Download The Least Dangerous To-Do List on the App Store